Image11-Apr-2017FREE CARD IS AVAILABLEDear clients of bank!

And one more time the long-awaited and, beyond all doubt, - excellent news!

Due to the fact that we are in process of global revision of approaches to customer service, and also in connection with the company expansion and increasing the New Age Bank worldwide too, we have decided to start the work again of the Free Deposit Card!

Now everyone who has made a registration on our website will be able to seize the unique opportunity of receiving profit absolutely free of charge!

Only a new client of the bank can get a free card.

As you see, we don't stop development and we apply only the best methods to evolution and progress of mutual cooperation.

Use all chance which we give you and your future will be prosperous and happy!
Yours faithfully, NAB team, the No. 1 bitcoin bank.

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